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"Given the new Middle East policy of the Obama administration."

Diffusion to "modern Kalashnikov" Middle East drone war | Middle ... Abstract: B [Obama administration's military strategy: Focus on the Middle East] Mr. B about the military strategy of the Obama administration, the second half of the Bush administration, and took an official document issued recently been described with a clue. The backbone of the American security strategy has been marked with a basic idea [National Security Strategy] the Department of Defense to implement it [national defense strategy] each army and integration commanders their strategy implementation [national military strategy] for, is formed by the three named. Among them A, the force structure is to review and to focus on each year is done, this is called QDR. These becomes the basic, it, for example, is the strategy of individual projects, such as published in the month this year [Afghan Pakistan new strategy] is added. In 00 years in the issued QDR, until unlike in the United States only this, not only by the many military force, we must build partnerships with various quarters, humble determination that has been shown.

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